FAQ's – Tidy Snap



Available in sizes: 

  • Medium - 9.5 inches perfect for children's clothing or small adults clothing
  • Large - 11.8 inches fits most adult clothes, hand towels, throw blankets and children outfits. 


Will they snag my clothes?

The bonded silicone coating on Tidy Snaps is very soft and won't snag even your most delicate fabrics.  It is also safe for the whole family.


Can you ship outside the United States?

On this site, we can only ship in the US, but please find us on www.ebags.com, they can ship to 220 countries!  


How to use the Kids Starter Kit: 

  • FLIP – Place a Tidy Band face down on the marked area of the Tidy Board and place the clothing face down over the entire Tidy Board. Then flip each side onto the center.
  • ROLL – Place the Tidy Rod at the bottom of the clothing and roll toward the top.
  • SNAP – As you roll over the gap the Tidy Band will automatically snap around the roll. Remove the Tidy Rod and toss the rolled clothes into the drawer.   

 For more information please e-mail us:  contact@tidysnap.com